Yangon Yangon Rooftop Bar Promotion

I recently caught up with Yukiko Sekihara (Yuki) the corporate manager of the Sakura Tower and marketing for Yangon Yangon rooftop bar.  Yuki has been working in Myanmar and the Sakura Tower for 8 years.  While Yangon Yangon has been open for 5 years, it is continuing to grow in popularity.

Every year they have a Big New Year’s Party with DJ’s and promotions.  Monthly shows in the dry season bring large crowds of both local and foreign expats.  September will begin their month shows again with some of Myanmar’s most famous DJ’s and Musicians.  With no entrance fee and the best views in Yangon, what’s not to like about Yangon Yangon Rooftop Bar!!

Here are their weekly promotions happening right now!

  • Monday’s: Buy 1 get 1 free on Mojito cocktails all night long.
  • Tuesday’s: Order a beer tower, get unlimited chips.
  • Wednesday’s: All cocktails only 5,000ks all night long for ladies.
  • Thursday’s: Check-in on Facebook, get a free glass of Myanmar beer.
  • Friday’s: DJ music night with no entrance fee!

Written By – Ryan Russell

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