3 Places To Travel Where Foreigners are Allowed

For the past several months you have been stuck at home or with only a few places open to go to in Yangon.  You are itching to travel.  We know, cause we are too.  Here’s a list of a few places that are now open for foreigners to travel to.  These places require no special documents as long as you have a valid visa and passport.

So we picked three destinations where you can get out to enjoy the fresh green mountains, caves, lakes, and trees.  These three places have a lot that you can enjoy, even activities such as trekking, motorbiking, and enjoying the scenery by bicycle.  We’ve done the homework for you and made sure these places were government, bus station, and hotel approved.

At the end of the Post you’ll will see details of the bus station number with prices and other recommendations


Hpa-an is a well-known travel destination in Kayin State where you will never get bored even after traveling there many times. You will be amazed by how you can find the new caves, hill, and restaurants to explore which cannot be found in tourist blogs.
Take a night Bus, take a bicycle or motorbike taxi or your hotel can arrange a tuk tuk for sightseeing.
Estimate Travel Cost: Bus (Round trip)/ 60K, Hotel: 35K ( 2 person share)/ Bike rent: 10K per day


Another well-known breathtaking pine city colonial town called “KALAW”.  It’s sad that many travelers forget to explore the Kalaw city itself and the nearby hill lookouts, instead they choose to do a Kalaw – Inle trek.

I who write this article myself used to live in Kalaw for over a month and Inle lake about a year. Personally I prefer Kalaw most though its hard to find a job. Someday I hope to build a holiday home there right over the mountain view sunset. If you personally email us for recommendation about Kalaw : bananaeventsyangon@gmail.com
More info: www.Visitkalaw.com


Inle Lake is another well known tourist attraction that’s included in the big 4 (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle) of Myanmar. The way to see the town cheapest is by bicycle.  You can rent a bike almost anywhere and can bicycle the loop around the lake where you can explore the community villages where they make all sorts of things like, Burmese handmade snacks, cigars, paper, silver and wine.  On the way back you can stop in at the free hot springs which are fresh blue nature spring  water for a nice swim and see a Vineyard. Another day, you can choose to take a full day boat tour on the lake for a reasonable and well worth it 25K for 5-6 people.

Bus company: Famous Traveler Express – VIP Seat: 32,000 Ks 8:30 pm / Normal Seat: 22,000 Ks 7:00 pm
Ph: 09 761 693521
You can just call them to book your seat and be at the “Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station” at travel date and pay for your ticket

Bus Agent: Thein Than Aung General Bus Ticket Agents: 09 731 56693/ Office located in Sanchaung

Thank you for reading our BLOG.
We hope you enjoy your trip exploring the beauties of Myanmar and its rich culture and food.

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